Author Guidelines


  1. Manuscripts must be written in Indonesian or English language and cannot ever be accepted for publication in a journal with an ISSN or ISBN.
  2. The manuscript should be written is good and correct in Indonesian or English Language.
  3. The author must send the manuscript online submissions ( to the website by first registering as an author.
  4. Manuscripts will be published in Artesis Journal after being reviewed by peer reviewers.
  5. The editorial team has the right to edit the manuscript without making any changes to its content.
  6. The manuscript author is responsible for the contents of the published manuscript.
  7. If any manuscript is still unpublished, editorial team will contact the authors.
  8. Lawfully submitted manuscripts and drawings are the publisher's property and cannot be used in other media without the publisher's express authorization.
  9. References from published Artesis Journal are supposed to be used in support from the journal author(s).
  10. Every kind of communication must be digital.
  11. The writing template can be downloaded at the following link.
  12. The manuscript is saved in *.doc / *.docx format. Please do not send the manuscript in *.pdf format, for easy editing and review purposes.
  13. For further information, please contact the following email:



  1. The Title
  • Appropriate main title, name of author(s), institution(s) and email correspondence.
  • The title cannot be more than 12 words, describes the entire contents of the script. It is typed in Cambria Body 14pt (all capital letters), bold.
  • Subtitles are written in Cambria Body 12pt (a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence), bold.
  1. The Abstract
  • Abstract must be written in Indonesian and English Language. It typed in Cambria Body 10pt, italic.
  • Abstract made in one paragraph without subtitles consisting of background, objectives, methods, results and conclusions, no more than 250 words.
  • Maximum 5 keyword phrases, separated by commas.
  1. The Content
  • The content consists of Introduction (consisting of background, literature review, problem formulation and objectives written in one chapter without subtitles), Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References.
  • Manuscript must be presented in 2 (two) column text format (see the writing instructions).
  • The manuscript is written in Cambria Body 12pt, justify, normal and without footnotes.
  • The manuscript is written on Single-spaced A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm) with a left margin of 25 mm, a right margin of 25 mm, a bottom margin of 25 mm, and a top margin of 25 mm.
  • The Manuscript consists of 4000 – 6000 words (minimum 6 (six) pages and maximum 12 (twelve) pages).
  • Figures must be in JPEG format and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), tables must be included in the body of the text and not as attachments.
  • Figures and tables must be numbered with Arabic numerals, table titles and its brief information about tables written in Cambria Body 10pt, normal with single spacing.
  1. The References
  • Writing references using the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE] format.
  • List of references based on the citations written in the body text by following the IEEE format.
  • References consist of a minimum of 5 credible sources published in the last 5 years, written in Cambria Body 10pt, 2 (two) columns, justify.