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Volume 6 Nomor 1 Tahun 2024

SUMMARY. Alfarisi et al, conducted a finite element analysis on the modification of the design of R22 car wheels made of aluminum to produce the best variant of the existing model. Suhartono and Muin, conducted research to determine the effects of seawater on reinforced concrete and the effects on reinforcement on corrosion rate and on concrete on compressive strength when inhibitors have been added. Meanwhile, Ajiban et al. analyzed the effect of air pressure and nozzle distance on the quality of water-based paint using a gravity feed spray gun. Research by Hasan et al. was conducted to determine the effect of heat flux on the frequency of bubble appearance in boiling pools. Pool boiling is a boiling process in which all fluid motion is caused by natural convection currents. Abdulah et al. in their research optimized the heat transfer performance using Response Surface Methodology-Central Composite Design (RSM-CCD) for nano-coolant (AL2O3+EG/W) in electric vehicle batteries. Osman et al. conducted a study to determine the performance of the machine and whether there was a significant difference from the grinding machining process. Control map analysis was used to determine the consistency of machine performance and comparison of feed rate to determine machine performance. Syaka et al. conducted a study to determine the effect of fuel pressure variations on the performance, especially torque and power, of a direct injection 2-stroke gasoline engine. Nugraha et al. conducted research on the design of a wind speed measurement system in a pitot tube-based wind tunnel. Puspa et al, conducted research on the characteristics of the Thermal Electric Generator (TEG) type SP1848 27145 SA with the aim of knowing the character of voltage output, power and Seebeck coefficient values in the SP1848 27145SA TEG system when temperature changes occur. Waisal et al, analyzed the mechanical properties and microstructure of aluminum and copper sheet welding results using the friction stir spot welding method. Agustina et al, analyzed the comparison of rectifier performance in power plant applications. Meanwhile, Suharyanto and Kurniawan conducted research related to the effect of heat treatment temperature on the hardness of jaw implants produced by the EDM process. Lukiano et al, conducted research on the numerical analysis of the effect of gurney flaps on the aerodynamic performance of NACA 4415 airfoil. Another case with Billad et al, who conducted research to prove that the erosion effect can reduce and increase the value of NACA 0015 airfoil. While Ulhakim et al, through their research, evaluated the performance of using TiO2 nanofluids made using ethylene glycol (EG) and distilled water as the base liquid, which was then called TiO2-EG/W. Nabil et al, conducted research on public street lighting monitoring systems using telegram-based wireless sensor network applications. Rimantho, developed a waste management model using the Soft System Methodology (SSM) approach to assess the challenges of wood pellet production as a renewable energy source from biomass waste and possible solutions. While Purwanto et al, conducted architectural planning with natural lighting systems that can affect occupant productivity and energy efficiency.

Published: 2024-01-31

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