Kuliner Sebagai Identitas Budaya: Perspektif Komunikasi Lintas Budaya

  • Sri Utami Universitas Indonesia
DOI: https://doi.org/10.35814/coverage.v8i2.588
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Keywords: Kuliner, konstruksi sosial, identitas, komunikasi lintas budaya, multikulturalisme


The word "culinary" is defined as something related to,  or connected with, cooking. Cooking  transforms food from nature to culture. Food sustains life. At the same time, it symbolizes social life and cultural identity for various groups of people throughout the world. Indeed, every nation has its own culinary  which has been gradually accepted and becomes a taken-for-granted culinary ideology. Culinary  is also an indicator of how these develop and alter over time and space.  With this in mind, this paper will explore how  culinary represents cultural identity in cross-cultural communication  in various ways. Within these relationships, culinary  is recognized as a source of power. Culinary  is both a relevant source of signification and an effective form of communication of  distinctive culture, with strong national character and diversity of features.  Understanding culinary of the differences  and  its profound cultural connotation, explore their cultural heritage, and promote further exchanges of culturre.

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Utami, S. (2018). Kuliner Sebagai Identitas Budaya: Perspektif Komunikasi Lintas Budaya. CoverAge: Journal of Strategic Communication, 8(2), 36-44. https://doi.org/10.35814/coverage.v8i2.588