Plagiarism Check

All manuscripts sent for publication on JTDA will first be checked for plagiarism percentage using Turnitin's online plagiarism detection facility. If less than 20% are detected, the manuscript can still be accepted and continue in the review process. However, the percentage of plagiarism content equals 20-25%. In that case, the manuscript will undergo a more profound examination process to assess whether it violates ethics and copyright and allow the author to correct and resubmit. However, in manuscripts detected by more than 25%, either those that have just been received by the editorial team or those that have been accepted again after the revision stage, the manuscript is declared to have violated ethics and copyright. The manuscript will be returned to the author for another opportunity to revise it again, or possibly others will be rejected.

Plagiarism Sanctions:
Law no. 20 of 2003 regulates sanctions for people who commit plagiarism, especially in the academic environment. These sanctions are as follows (Article 70):

Graduates whose scientific work they use to obtain an academic, professional, or vocational degree as intended in Article 25 Paragraph (2) is proven to be plagiarized shall be punished with a maximum imprisonment of two years and/or a maximum fine of IDR 200,000,000.00 (two hundred million rupiah).