Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Imiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi

SUMMARY. Akhmadi and Suprihadi, in their research, discuss the manufacture of trainer cutting motor starter engine diesel as a learning media for machine maintenance, which in generally learning aid in education are called media, and can stimulate the brain to think realistically. The research made by Martin and Suwandi has the purpose of getting the result of simulation analysis from the pull of the gears that work on the fishing deck machinery hydraulic type. The result is used as an appropriate dimensional and material selection reference to maximize the device's function and thus move it optimally. Paramitha and Lesmana research to determine the effect of flight type with King Air B200 aircraft fuel consumption. Ariyansah et al., in their study, discuss the static mixer pipe design analysis that aims to improve the coagulation process in the External Water Treatment plant (WTP). Mulyanto et al., in their research, discusses the design of a styrofoam waste treatment machine that is currently becoming the most significant non-recycling contributor. This research aims to get design a styrofoam waste treatment machine with a heating belt method. Putra and Huda research to determine the optimum parameter settings from the turning machine process and milling with optimal regression equation model. Its to overcome defects ovality dimension and machine process of milling and turning. Susetyo et al., in their research, have aimed to find out the effect of direct-quenching and furnace-quenching with water media on hardness value and macrostructure results using HV 600 electrode. Setyawan et al. discuss the analysis of straight heat pipe performance using screen mesh 300 capillary axes with varying the filling ratio that aims to produce straight heat pipe of copper material with screen mesh 300 capillary axis that can withstand optimum thermal.

Published: 2020-07-08

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