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Volume 4 Nomor 1 Tahun 2022

SUMMARY. Jamaluddin, et al., did a study that aims to build a burner design that can burn RDF in the body burner for a pyrolysis reactor with Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Gas. Rahmasari, et al., used Taguchi optimization and the Vikor Method to manufacture better car tires. With the help of the Arduino Uno system, Prayudha, et al., developed an "Arduino Uno-based temperature calibration system for thermobath devices". According to a study done by Sopiyan et al., the drying temperatures of 40°C, 60°C, and 80°C were used to test the effects of different varnish-solvent mixtures on gloss, thickness, and adhesion to a vehicle body. It was during this time that Whardana, et al.tested carbon fiber polymer turbine blades on the Sultan Wind Turbine (a vertical-type wind turbine), while Ferdinandsyah, et al., conducted an experiment to show that the power generated by the generator is greater when diesel is used instead of a mixture of syngas and diesel. To increase the quality of SO3 levels in OPC cement at PT-ITP Tbk, Erianto and Darmawan employ the Six Sigma Method. To prevent the Jakarta LRT from slipping, researchers Saputra and Trisno looked at the impact of a 40o/oo gradient on the number of LRVs pulled by a rescue train. Mukhlisin, et al., on the other hand, developed a low-speed smoke generator using an open-circuit wind tunnel. Nugroho et al. examined the LRT Jakarta 1100 series' motor performance in the face of compressor damage type B–304. He used Neo Vernacular design and user requirements to create an innovative type A bus terminus in Jepara, Indonesia. Rahmalina, et al. used concentrated solar electricity to build a laboratory-scale chili drier.

Published: 2022-01-31

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