• Volume 6 Nomor 1 Tahun 2024

    SUMMARY. Alfarisi et al, conducted a finite element analysis on the modification of the design of R22 car wheels made of aluminum to produce the best variant of the existing model. Suhartono and Muin, conducted research to determine the effects of seawater on reinforced concrete and the effects on reinforcement on corrosion rate and on concrete on compressive strength when inhibitors have been added. Meanwhile, Ajiban et al. analyzed the effect of air pressure and nozzle distance on the quality of water-based paint using a gravity feed spray gun. Research by Hasan et al. was conducted to determine the effect of heat flux on the frequency of bubble appearance in boiling pools. Pool boiling is a boiling process in which all fluid motion is caused by natural convection currents. Abdulah et al. in their research optimized the heat transfer performance using Response Surface Methodology-Central Composite Design (RSM-CCD) for nano-coolant (AL2O3+EG/W) in electric vehicle batteries. Osman et al. conducted a study to determine the performance of the machine and whether there was a significant difference from the grinding machining process. Control map analysis was used to determine the consistency of machine performance and comparison of feed rate to determine machine performance. Syaka et al. conducted a study to determine the effect of fuel pressure variations on the performance, especially torque and power, of a direct injection 2-stroke gasoline engine. Nugraha et al. conducted research on the design of a wind speed measurement system in a pitot tube-based wind tunnel. Puspa et al, conducted research on the characteristics of the Thermal Electric Generator (TEG) type SP1848 27145 SA with the aim of knowing the character of voltage output, power and Seebeck coefficient values in the SP1848 27145SA TEG system when temperature changes occur. Waisal et al, analyzed the mechanical properties and microstructure of aluminum and copper sheet welding results using the friction stir spot welding method. Agustina et al, analyzed the comparison of rectifier performance in power plant applications. Meanwhile, Suharyanto and Kurniawan conducted research related to the effect of heat treatment temperature on the hardness of jaw implants produced by the EDM process. Lukiano et al, conducted research on the numerical analysis of the effect of gurney flaps on the aerodynamic performance of NACA 4415 airfoil. Another case with Billad et al, who conducted research to prove that the erosion effect can reduce and increase the value of NACA 0015 airfoil. While Ulhakim et al, through their research, evaluated the performance of using TiO2 nanofluids made using ethylene glycol (EG) and distilled water as the base liquid, which was then called TiO2-EG/W. Nabil et al, conducted research on public street lighting monitoring systems using telegram-based wireless sensor network applications. Rimantho, developed a waste management model using the Soft System Methodology (SSM) approach to assess the challenges of wood pellet production as a renewable energy source from biomass waste and possible solutions. While Purwanto et al, conducted architectural planning with natural lighting systems that can affect occupant productivity and energy efficiency.

  • Volume 5 Nomor 2 Tahun 2023

    SUMMARY. The design and development of the CC-201 Type GE U18C locomotive were undertaken by Yulianto et al. using the utilization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. This approach was employed to facilitate cost reduction in research and development endeavors. Munir et al. undertook a study on the advancement of seawater desalination equipment with thermal energy storage technology, aiming to generate potable water suitable for various everyday applications. Wibowo et al. conducted an analysis on the impact of automobile tank design shape, specifically with a capacity of 5000 liters, on surface pressure using the Ansys software simulation approach. The study done by Saifudin and Sukanta was motivated by the probable possibility of work accidents inside the department at PT. XYZ. Consequently, it became imperative to determine the safety hazards faced by workers to devise appropriate solutions for preventing such incidents. Tan et al. employed the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method to analyze and optimize the duct design in the air flow system of the ducting cloud kitchen. Ledya et al.conducted research to address several issues inside the organization, specifically focusing on optimizing the functionality of the raw material warehouse at PT. XYZ. This research led to the development of ideas for improving the layout of the warehouse, aiming to enhance its overall efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve optimal machine performance, it is imperative to develop a robust frame component. This task was undertaken by Pratama and Agusman, who conducted an analysis of the frame machine press batako's power utilizing the finite element method. Julian et al. did a study investigating the impact of micro-scale geometry with shape variation as a means of passive flow management in NACA 4415. Additionally, they also explored the application of bio flaps on NACA 4415 using the Numerical Method. Santoso implemented a cooling and air conditioning system within the production machine space at PT. X to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the engine components. Inayah et al. conducted a quality analysis of toolbox products at PT. KSKB using the Seven Tools Method, as the company faced challenges with a significant number of defective product outputs. To facilitate the development of a tiny island located on the northern coast of Papua Province, Numberi et al. undertook comprehensive research to assess the feasibility of utilizing sea wind as a renewable energy resource for the purpose of powering local power plants. Syaripuddin et al. conducted a study investigating the impact of the number of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) layers on many factors, including distortion, increased thickness, microstructure, hardness, and corrosion. Another notable example is the work by Fikri et al., who have utilized a biodegradable material derived from shell skin as a composite disc brake material for motor vehicles. In the interim, Febriansyah developed the Arduino microcontroller, which is characterized by its affordability and utilization of an open-source framework. The shape of the prototype electric car chassis constructed from hollow aluminum 6061 was examined by Bahasyim et al., using the Inventor 2016 program to assess the suitability of the profiles and materials employed for the chassis. Zariatain et al. undertook the construction of a data collecting system on an Arduino-based pull test machine for composite materials with the aim of enhancing its use to produce precise data. Sihombing et al. did a reliability analysis of micro hydropower plants in the Orya-Genyem region of Papua. The study focused on optimizing these plants by assessing the load loss probability. Samosir et al. conducted a Landgem modeling study to assess the possibility for utilizing alternative energy sources, specifically methane gas, in the Koya Koso TPA of Jayapura city. Furthermore, in order to further progress the development of Papua, Evenly et al., devised a 26 kW pelton turbine for implementation at the micro-hydro power plant located in Kampung Nehibe. In a similar vein, Lefaan et al., conducted an analysis on power usage in the province of Papua, examining its relationship with investment, regional spending, the human development index, and population. Iswandi et al., conducted a study on the utilization of bamboo fiber andong in combination with glass fiber reinforcement for the development of composite materials suitable for body speed boats. Similarly, Zariatin et al. also investigated the properties and applications of bamboo material in their research.

  • Volume 5 Nomor 1 Tahun 2023

    SUMMARY. Assiddiqie and Bunga did research on the analysis of heat transfer in circulating patchouli distillation water using a 150-liter tank to increase the effectiveness and quality of the patchouli distillation process. Mulyadi et al.investigated the phenomenon of spring-back and spring-go in the bending kinematic forming process utilizing V-bending dies and electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet material (SECC/JIS G 3313). Asy'ari et al. did research on the analysis of the performance of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano in processing deep learning models and moving actuators based on the model's predictions. In their work, Primadevi and Mardiana described ECG performance assessment utilizing the denoising technique and the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) methodology to find ideal ECG parameters. In their research, Wirasasmita and Anisa examined Twitter sentiment analysis utilizing the Grid Search Algorithm (GSA) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) techniques. Pratama and Anisa analyzed the deployment of Modbus TCP/IP connectivity in the use of production data visualization on the Andon line production system to create a more efficient production system. Using the Naive Bayes Classifier Method, Herumawan and Anisa conducted research aimed at resolving the issue of inaccuracies in the fingerprint scanner system. Riyanto et al. perform research that contributes to the transformation of the manual management system into an Internet-based information system. Prayoga et al. using the Pahl and Beitz approaches to generate the ideal design for a 5-kilogram-per-hour corn-flour-making machine. In small-scale wind tunnels, Putra et al. analyzed the influence of passive grid addition on turbulence. Subandi's study on security modifications to the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to detect cybercrime in network activities intends to protect internet users while they surf cyberspace. Rahmasai et al. detect and manipulate pressure variables to enhance the performance of automobile engines. Lubi et al. conducted study on the influence of thinner mixes on the adhesive strength and coating thickness of custom spray paint refill tools created in earlier investigations. To reduce the danger of COVID-19 transmission, Liawan et al. conducted research on airflow analysis and thermal comfort in the Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method. James et al. did research on NACA 4415: Aerodynamic Performance Improvement by Using a Cavity, for which a prototype model has been developed by earlier researchers. Ardiansyah and Rahmalina conducted material-related study by analyzing damage on the wheel surface of an electric rail train. People with cerebral palsy, particularly youngsters, require mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, to do daily tasks. When constructing wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy, an ergonomics evaluation is required to verify that the resulting wheelchairs are safe and do not represent a risk in the future. In their research, Rahmalina et al. evaluated the ergonomics of wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy using digital human modeling.

  • Volume 4 Nomor 2 Tahun 2022

    SUMMARY. An investigation into the viability of rice husk as an insulator through the application of an efficient processing technique was carried out by Riyanto and Hanafi. It is envisaged that rice husk would emerge as a viable alternative to other materials used for thermal insulation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Subandi and Sugara conducts an analysis of vulnerabilities attacks against servers during the WFH Period as a mitigation procedure to discover current company-owned servers' vulnerabilities and anticipate them. Agustina et al., created a model of an alternative power plant that she calls the River Wave Power Plant (PLTGS). This plant gets its energy from the waves that are generated by the Musi River. Armansyah et al., carried out research to determine the relationship between the primary parameters of the friction stir welding (FSSW) process and the hardness characteristics of friction stir point welding on aluminium alloy 5052-H112. Using the ANSYS 2021 R2 Academic Version programme, Setiawan et al. investigated the effects of the type of turbulent k-model utilised on the simulation results for a crossflow turbine. Marpaung et al.  used the ANSYS 17.1 software to carry out a static simulation study on the structure of the ISO tank with a capacity of 40 feet. The purpose of this study was to obtain information concerning the behaviour of the designed ISO tank model when it was conditioned to work at a particular structural load. By combining classroom instruction with social media as part of public education, Lestari et al. created a spatial design for the Sarinah shopping centre in Malang and Semarang to aid in the creation of an inviting space for buying and selling that incorporates local knowledge and makes use of typical Indonesian interior space. The paper written by Hidayat and Wibowo explains how to integrate two Internet service providers by implementing multi-path equal cost load balancing bandwidth management. The end goal is to make the most efficient use of internet bandwidth provided by both ISPs. Julian et al.'s research proposes using a co-flow jet as a fluid flow control device. The goal of this study is to use a co-flow jet as an external fluid flow control device on the upper side of the airfoil and see how that affects the NACA 0015 airfoil. Digdoyo et al. devised a tool for determining the mass moment of inertia of a machine element in three axis directions using a straightforward approach as a tool for determining the mass moment of inertia of the machine element. There is a comparison of the vibrations that occur under these conditions undertaken by Lesmana et al. to observe how they differ when the diameter is shrunk by two sizes from the standard and increased by two sizes from the standard. Setyawan et al. did a study to find the best drying temperature for the E 7018 electrode when using SMAW welding on ASTM A36 material. The results of visual, x-ray, and tensile tests were used to gather the information for this study. As a follow-up to prior studies, Widodo et al. undertook a study to compare R290, a refrigerant commonly used in residential split AC units, to R32, a more energy-efficient alternative. Tjahjani investigated the relationship between the amount of light emitted by an advertisement and the quality of road service provided to motorists to make nighttime driving less hazardous and more bearable. Wibowo et al. did a study to find out how many positive and negative sentiments are in a labelled dataset, how accurate the Nave Bayes Classifier method is, and what the results of evaluation tests on positive and negative sentiment datasets were. In his writings, Nurhayati and Achmad discuss research into the development of an expert system for the early identification of dental and oral disorders. The purpose of this research is to provide the public with information regarding the dental and oral ailments from which they are suffering. Several investigations have been carried out to identify potential replacement materials for the usage of glass wool in automobile interiors. Research on alternative materials, specifically Gigantochloa Atroviolacea bamboo's potential as a thermal insulator and application as a car roof, was carried out by Zariatin et al.

  • Volume 4 Nomor 1 Tahun 2022

    SUMMARY. Jamaluddin, et al., did a study that aims to build a burner design that can burn RDF in the body burner for a pyrolysis reactor with Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Gas. Rahmasari, et al., used Taguchi optimization and the Vikor Method to manufacture better car tires. With the help of the Arduino Uno system, Prayudha, et al., developed an "Arduino Uno-based temperature calibration system for thermobath devices". According to a study done by Sopiyan et al., the drying temperatures of 40°C, 60°C, and 80°C were used to test the effects of different varnish-solvent mixtures on gloss, thickness, and adhesion to a vehicle body. It was during this time that Whardana, et al., tested carbon fiber polymer turbine blades on the Sultan Wind Turbine (a vertical-type wind turbine), while Ferdinandsyah, et al., conducted an experiment to show that the power generated by the generator is greater when diesel is used instead of a mixture of syngas and diesel. To increase the quality of SO3 levels in OPC cement at PT-ITP Tbk, Erianto and Darmawan employ the Six Sigma Method. To prevent the Jakarta LRT from slipping, researchers Saputra and Trisno looked at the impact of a 40o/oo gradient on the number of LRVs pulled by a rescue train. Mukhlisin, et al., on the other hand, developed a low-speed smoke generator using an open-circuit wind tunnel. Nugroho et al. examined the LRT Jakarta 1100 series' motor performance in the face of compressor damage type B–304. He used Neo Vernacular design and user requirements to create an innovative type A bus terminus in Jepara, Indonesia. Rahmalina, et al. used concentrated solar electricity to build a laboratory-scale chili drier.

  • Volume 3 Nomor 2 Tahun 2021

    SUMMARY. Nur and Lesmana, in their research, discuss the analysis of the influence of turbine washing on the efficiency and power of steam turbine generators, which in general aim to analyze the comparison of steam turbine performance in the form of thermal efficiency, isentropic efficiency and steam turbine power generation before and after the turbine washing process. The article written by Abdulah et al. describes the method of analysis of cracks in the welded joint between the ASTM A106 pipe and the globe valve, namely by inspecting the installed material using OES (Optical Emission Spectroscope). Susetyo et al. conducted a study that aims to determine the effect of current and buffer layer on the hardness value of hardfacing results using A WS A5.13 EFe2/AWS A5.1 E7018 electrodes. Setiawan and Upara, in their papers describe the modification of the disc friction welding machine to produce a more optimal performance for the welding results carried out with the machine. Kurnia and Rahmalina, in their papers, discuss the simulation of the solar energy utilization system through a Ground Base Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) device equipped with a liquid fluid delivery system in the form of a piping system and a Stirling engine propulsion engine. Sugita et al. conducted a study to determine the effect of installing Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on exhaust emissions of the Honda Supra X 100. Irfan et al., in their research, developed the design of an existing permanent magnet synchronous generator Sultan wind turbine to generate electricity at low wind speeds. Saputra et al, in their papers, describe the manufacture of briquettes from the raw material of palm fronds with the Pyrolysis method added with tapioca flour adhesive. Then tested the calorific value of the briquettes to determine whether the addition of tapioca flour can increase the calorific value. Viantama and Suyitno, in the research that was carried out, aimed to obtain the optimal motor specifications for electric cars with a capacity of 75 kWh by comparing the performance of the driving motor performance systems in the electric cars. Shieddique et al., in their research, discussed the modification of the epoxy powder coating material using an insulator from the Epoxy EF150AB material on the Disc Ceramic Capacitor (DCC) which was then tested for performance by testing the Pressure Cycle Temperature (PCT) and thermal shock to determine the extent which the use of the modified material may affect it. In Permanajati and Firman's writings, they discuss the effectiveness comparison between specification data and operational data of the UFX-42H heat exchanger before and after repairs. Maulana et al. conducted a study on the design of a wind power plant with a u-type savonius turbine for a capacity of 100 W using the Pahl and Beitz design method. Meanwhile, Suhandono and Sugiarto, in their research, produced an application for a tour package management information system for the SATU BIRU travel case study, which will later be applied to the progress of the travel. Aryabathi et al. conducted research on the potential of wind energy on the elbow side of the roof of a tall building which will later be used as initial data for the development of new renewable energy engineering, especially on wind energy. The purpose of the research conducted by Tupamahu and Sarwuna is to optimize the effectiveness of the clove essential oil distillation system condenser, which will be used for processing essential oils by small business groups of clove essential oil in Suli Village, Central Maluku. While the research conducted by Yahya et al., aims to design and implement a water vapour pressure control system on a prototype heating tank with a PLC-based PID control method as a plant model for development to the implementation stage.

  • Volume 3 Nomor 1 Tahun 2021

    SUMMARY. Rahmasari et al., in their research, discusses determining optimization of the winner procurement of tracker antenna using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method, which generally aims to facilitate the committee in the process of determining the winner procurement. The research made by Syaripuddin et al. has the purpose of identifying the impact of chromium growth in the SMAW process towards tensile strength, violence value, and macrostructure chords using E6013 electrodes. Suhandono and Putra research to implement the loyalty program information system in software product sales services at the point of sales section PT. XYZ. It is a website to manage customer data by the marketing department and an Android application for customers. Kurnia and Sugiyanto discuss increasing the effectiveness analysis of cargo companies using the Six Sigma DMAIC and FMEA methods, which aim to make the manufactured goods reach the quality standards set and make a point of the cost small as possible. Marpaung et al., in their research, discusses the simulation of loading the 1st stage blade turbine using stainless steel 420, with the scope of analysis carried out is a steady-state thermal and static structural analysis using ANSYS 15.0 software. Hidayat and Prayogi, Research to design a manufacturing process based on liquid compost machine design drawings from fruit waste. The method used Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA). The output of this method is the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) document and an Operation Process Chart (OCP) for manufacturing. Numberi et al., in their research, have aims of knowing the capacity of SRP need in the Central Hamadi Market, Jayapura City, which in the end can provide recommendations for better parking planning designs, added with policies against vehicles that undisciplined with the rules applied. Julian et al., in their research, discuss Synchronous Type Electric Motor Analysis, where the results of this research activity provide information in the design of synchronous motors that match the needs of synchronized motors users.

  • Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Imiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi Volume 2 Nomor 2 Tahun 2020

    SUMMARY. Akhmadi and Suprihadi, in their research, discuss the manufacture of trainer cutting motor starter engine diesel as a learning media for machine maintenance, which in generally learning aid in education are called media, and can stimulate the brain to think realistically. The research made by Martin and Suwandi has the purpose of getting the result of simulation analysis from the pull of the gears that work on the fishing deck machinery hydraulic type. The result is used as an appropriate dimensional and material selection reference to maximize the device's function and thus move it optimally. Paramitha and Lesmana research to determine the effect of flight type with King Air B200 aircraft fuel consumption. Ariyansah et al., in their study, discuss the static mixer pipe design analysis that aims to improve the coagulation process in the External Water Treatment plant (WTP). Mulyanto et al., in their research, discusses the design of a styrofoam waste treatment machine that is currently becoming the most significant non-recycling contributor. This research aims to get design a styrofoam waste treatment machine with a heating belt method. Putra and Huda research to determine the optimum parameter settings from the turning machine process and milling with optimal regression equation model. Its to overcome defects ovality dimension and machine process of milling and turning. Susetyo et al., in their research, have aimed to find out the effect of direct-quenching and furnace-quenching with water media on hardness value and macrostructure results using HV 600 electrode. Setyawan et al. discuss the analysis of straight heat pipe performance using screen mesh 300 capillary axes with varying the filling ratio that aims to produce straight heat pipe of copper material with screen mesh 300 capillary axis that can withstand optimum thermal.

  • Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Ilmiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi Volume 2 Nomor 1 Tahun 2020

    SUMMARY. Andriawan, et al. research development of potential and natural gas distribution network utilization in the Bojonegoro district, which aim to predict the amount of natural gas network based on LPG consumption to determine the difference cost incurred when using natural gas and LPG in the household scale. The research made by Rahmasari, et al. has the purpose of analyzing the factor of paper thickness affecting recycled paper production and modelling it to obtain the optimal paper thickness. Maria, researches to determine whether students in the Final Project have applied their experience gained during the practical work. Mulyanto et al., in their research, discusses the purpose to find out the sticky power and layer strength on the result of the powder painting process that can be different pretreatment is the phosphoric acid of chemical liquid, sandblasting (glass beads), and power tool. Suhandono and Hidayat, in their research, discuss the information system of state inventories management in the education assessment centre. This research aims to build the information system of state inventory management in the education assessment centre. Rudiansyah and Suwandi research the manufacturing process of fishing gear hydraulic type to catching fish with 5-10 GT capacity. This research has a validation design result of the fishing gear hydraulic type that previously designed. Sari and Darmawan, in their study, discuss the standard time measurement and workload analysis on the process of bath scrub filling and packing products in the PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics to get the most optimal time in the production process, especially the process of loading and packing products. Batu, et al., in their research, explained the utilization of exhaust heat from mini boilers into electricity using Peltier Element (PE) as a solution to utilize the amount of heat energy wasted in palm oil mills to used as an alternative source of electrical power for the community.

  • Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Ilmiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi Volume 1 Nomor 2 Tahun 2019

    SUMMARY. Sari, et al. research the electrical energy analysis from the heat air conditioner condenser with insulation and a thermoelectric generator, which expected to heat from the labour of the air conditioner condenser and use by converting thermal energy into electrical energy. Suhandono et al. have a goal to develop the application, which can help admin in digital management of in and out mail quickly and easily. Nurjannah, et al., research identifying the user needs of the reclining seat in the station platform to design ergonomic reclining seats in the station and provide comfort and safety for all users. Ajitomo, in his research, the noise level on the drug strip machine in the production process could be reduced, that it can increase engine productivity, reduce rejection on stripping the engine, improving operator service, and increase efficiency in the production process. In research, Rahma et al. conducted a study to evaluate air pollution reduction attributable to cycle optimization at junction signal using a PTV VISSIM application. This research aims to assess the amount of pollution reduction attributable to optimization cycle time at junction signal with a Way Halim Intersection case study, Bandar Lampung. Upara and Destianto research how the EDM die sinking process parameters to material release rate and electrode wear rate aim to obtain optimal parameters in producing quality products. Kurnia and Listanti, in their research, discuss the identification of consumer preferences for red guava chips using the QFD (Quality Function Deployment) method to know the attributes of consumer desires the most influential on consumer preferences when buying red guava crackers. Mulyanto and Supriyono, in their research describing the manufacturing process of a hybrid rotary machine for chilli dryers, which is a practical machine that can process chilli agricultural products more optimally.

  • Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Ilmiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi Volume 1 Nomor 1 Tahun 2019

    SUMMARY. Hartantrie et al. discussed the design of a cocoa bean dryer and expected it to suit the needs of cocoa bean farmers in Indonesia. The research made by Octaviani, et al. have goals to achieve from the research designing a web-based application system and expected to facilitate patients in consulting with psychiatrists, as well as being a forum for providing information about mental health. Bunga, et al. research about modification of grinder copy camshaft, which functions as a copy machine that can make or imitate a product using the grinder engine principle. Nafsan and Laksono, in their research, discuss the comparative analysis quality of disc brake lining product between originally and the aftermarket. The aim of the study is for the users can understand the utilization of aftermarket product quality. Odi, et al., in their research, discuss waste identification of bogie parts car maintenance and give a repair recommendation that aims to reduce the waste that occurs, while Olivia et al. discuss the analyze the layout of the warehouse using a work-storage method. Tri and Supriyono, in their research, discuss a design corncobs grinder with design result have a machine that function can make corncobs be a regular-sized grain of corn rice. Hary, et al., in their research, describe checks of aluminium welts in lightweight train (LRT) structure by a non-destructive test method to ensure safety from light rail use.