Jurnal Asiimetrik: Jurnal Ilmiah Rekayasa dan Inovasi

SUMMARY. Andriawan, et al. research development of potential and natural gas distribution network utilization in the Bojonegoro district, which aim to predict the amount of natural gas network based on LPG consumption to determine the difference cost incurred when using natural gas and LPG in the household scale. The research made by Rahmasari, et al. has the purpose of analyzing the factor of paper thickness affecting recycled paper production and modelling it to obtain the optimal paper thickness. Maria, researches to determine whether students in the Final Project have applied their experience gained during the practical work. Mulyanto et al., in their research, discusses the purpose to find out the sticky power and layer strength on the result of the powder painting process that can be different pretreatment is the phosphoric acid of chemical liquid, sandblasting (glass beads), and power tool. Suhandono and Hidayat, in their research, discuss the information system of state inventories management in the education assessment centre. This research aims to build the information system of state inventory management in the education assessment centre. Rudiansyah and Suwandi research the manufacturing process of fishing gear hydraulic type to catching fish with 5-10 GT capacity. This research has a validation design result of the fishing gear hydraulic type that previously designed. Sari and Darmawan, in their study, discuss the standard time measurement and workload analysis on the process of bath scrub filling and packing products in the PT Gloria Origita Cosmetics to get the most optimal time in the production process, especially the process of loading and packing products. Batu, et al., in their research, explained the utilization of exhaust heat from mini boilers into electricity using Peltier Element (PE) as a solution to utilize the amount of heat energy wasted in palm oil mills to used as an alternative source of electrical power for the community.

Published: 2020-01-24

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