SUMMARY. An investigation into the viability of rice husk as an insulator through the application of an efficient processing technique was carried out by Riyanto and Hanafi. It is envisaged that rice husk would emerge as a viable alternative to other materials used for thermal insulation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Subandi and Sugara conducts an analysis of vulnerabilities attacks against servers during the WFH Period as a mitigation procedure to discover current company-owned servers' vulnerabilities and anticipate them. Agustina et al., created a model of an alternative power plant that she calls the River Wave Power Plant (PLTGS). This plant gets its energy from the waves that are generated by the Musi River. Armansyah et al., carried out research to determine the relationship between the primary parameters of the friction stir welding (FSSW) process and the hardness characteristics of friction stir point welding on aluminium alloy 5052-H112. Using the ANSYS 2021 R2 Academic Version programme, Setiawan et al. investigated the effects of the type of turbulent k-model utilised on the simulation results for a crossflow turbine. Marpaung et al.  used the ANSYS 17.1 software to carry out a static simulation study on the structure of the ISO tank with a capacity of 40 feet. The purpose of this study was to obtain information concerning the behaviour of the designed ISO tank model when it was conditioned to work at a particular structural load. By combining classroom instruction with social media as part of public education, Lestari et al. created a spatial design for the Sarinah shopping centre in Malang and Semarang to aid in the creation of an inviting space for buying and selling that incorporates local knowledge and makes use of typical Indonesian interior space. The paper written by Hidayat and Wibowo explains how to integrate two Internet service providers by implementing multi-path equal cost load balancing bandwidth management. The end goal is to make the most efficient use of internet bandwidth provided by both ISPs. Julian et al.'s research proposes using a co-flow jet as a fluid flow control device. The goal of this study is to use a co-flow jet as an external fluid flow control device on the upper side of the airfoil and see how that affects the NACA 0015 airfoil. Digdoyo et al. devised a tool for determining the mass moment of inertia of a machine element in three axis directions using a straightforward approach as a tool for determining the mass moment of inertia of the machine element. There is a comparison of the vibrations that occur under these conditions undertaken by Lesmana et al. to observe how they differ when the diameter is shrunk by two sizes from the standard and increased by two sizes from the standard. Setyawan et al. did a study to find the best drying temperature for the E 7018 electrode when using SMAW welding on ASTM A36 material. The results of visual, x-ray, and tensile tests were used to gather the information for this study. As a follow-up to prior studies, Widodo et al. undertook a study to compare R290, a refrigerant commonly used in residential split AC units, to R32, a more energy-efficient alternative. Tjahjani investigated the relationship between the amount of light emitted by an advertisement and the quality of road service provided to motorists to make nighttime driving less hazardous and more bearable. Wibowo et al. did a study to find out how many positive and negative sentiments are in a labelled dataset, how accurate the Nave Bayes Classifier method is, and what the results of evaluation tests on positive and negative sentiment datasets were. In his writings, Nurhayati and Achmad discuss research into the development of an expert system for the early identification of dental and oral disorders. The purpose of this research is to provide the public with information regarding the dental and oral ailments from which they are suffering. Several investigations have been carried out to identify potential replacement materials for the usage of glass wool in automobile interiors. Research on alternative materials, specifically Gigantochloa Atroviolacea bamboo's potential as a thermal insulator and application as a car roof, was carried out by Zariatin et al.

Published: 2022-07-26

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